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Website Launch & Book Coming Soon

July 27, 2016

Today marks the launch of my new website and announcement of my book, Fish Out Of Water, to be released for sale in December this year. In preparation for publishing, I thought it would be best to combine my websites under the one banner www.jadeedmistone.com in order to centralise the information and make it easier to access. From the landing page you can now be directed to Get ONCORE or Fish Out Of Water which each contain further information about the product/book as well as contact details for ease of ordering.


Fish Out Of Water marks a bucket list item for me as something I have always wanted to do. I love to write and have always preferred to communicate in that way wherever possible. While I knew I wanted to write a book, I never knew what to write about. I did achieve great things in swimming but never received a high profile from it and I never thought a full biography would be marketable. Following many conversations with friends who were also retired athletes, it became really evident that the issue of transition was significant. I knew that I had personally struggled quite a lot over the years since retirement and that I wasn't alone in those difficulties. At last, I had a subject to focus my writing on!


Fish Out Of Water sums up my seven year struggle with transition and while it is my story, it is not written in a full biography style. I have interviewed twelve other female athletes who have also shared their experiences with transition and these inserts are spread throughout the book as I break down the components of the issue at large. As the book shows, transition is huge and is non-discriminatory in who it affects. It doesn't matter if you were high profile or not, achieved huge success or not, swam for Australia or not, if you have contributed a significant portion of your life to chasing sporting goals, you will be affected by transition to some extent as you walk away and attempt to live a 'normal' life.


Fish Out Of Water aims to bring an awareness to the issue of transition and creates a platform for athletes to talk about their experiences in a safe environment. It is my hope that with this book, people can be better equipped to support young athletes as they progress through sport and know how to dampen the effects of transition when the time comes. For athletes that have gone or are going through transition now, I hope the book provides a sense of relate-ability in knowing that what you are experiencing is completely normal with the key being that this too shall pass. Each book will come as a boxed set, paired with a journal targeting either a retired athlete or current athlete to help start the process of sharing.


While the official book launch will be December 10 during Queensland State Swimming Championships, I will keep you updated with when orders can be filled. At the moment, feel free to use the contact email to place a pre-order or if you have any questions or comments you would like to share!

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