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the oncore academy

The ONCORE Academy is dedicated to the development of individuals of individuals both in and out of the water. It provides products, programs and education specialising in building and strengthening Fundamental Aquatic Skills in water and FundaMENTAL Skills on land.

Our mission...

To build individuals that are not only stronger, more efficient, and faster, but are CONNECTED with the water.

To empower individuals to be pro-active in managing their wellness in order to thrive, not survive.


Michelle Morris


Bubble Swim Academy

“ONCORE is an intricate part of our learn to swim programs. ONCORE encourages a much better body position in the water than a kick board and it also teaches body balance. The swimmer uses their core and legs more efficiently leading to better technique” 

David Heyden

Head Coach

UQ Swim Club

“I love using ONCORE and had Jade come out to my program. We use them 3 times during the week for balance and head/body position improvements, as well as sculling. I have seen some great improvements!” 

Stephan Widmer

National Head Coach


“Developing functional core strength has always been a crucial part of my coaching philosophy. Using ONCORE will make you a better connected, more efficient and therefore faster swimmer!”


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