Fish Out of Water



“The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another.”

“A movement, development or evolution from one form, stage or style to another.”

It’s not something you tend to give much thought to. It just happens and you deal with it as it comes. Whether it’s going from finishing school and moving into the work force. From working nine-to-five into being a stay at home mum. From a corporate job into retirement. Sometimes it’s a smooth ride and other times it can be a tumultous journey. But how are you supposed to cope when it all goes pear shaped? Who do you turn to? What help is out there? Contained within the pages of this book, some of the best female swimmers Australia has seen have shared their experiences of how they managed to cope through their transition.

An informative read for everyone, Fish Out Of Water will give you an insight into the personal struggles and victories associated with the transitition from elite athlete into ‘normal’ adult life.

“Fish Out Of Water brings to light ‘not often discussed’ aspects of the serious challenges of being an elite athlete. My sincere hope is that this book will be helpful to athletes, and those working with athletes, in a variety of sports.”

Kevin L Burke | Sport Psychologist

“Fish Out Of Wateris a wonderful companion for athletes, and in particular swimmers, who are venturing into the uncharted waters of sports retirement. Jade has gently and honestly provided readers with a window into her post-sport journey, and some preventative measures to contemplate. A gifted story-teller, Jade depicts the old landscape of retirement, the new landscape of retirement, and the ongoing, ever-present challenge that all athletes face when closing a significant chapter of their life.”

Georgia Ridler | Sport Psychologist

“Having worked as a General Practitioner in mental health, I found Fish Out Of Waterextremely relevant. So many of my patients struggle with the same issues as Jade and the other elite swimmers described. Jade’s advice to plan for transitions, work on sense-of-self and utilise support networks is relevant to everyone, not just elite athletes. Whether you are leaving school, planning parenthood, changing jobs, about to retire from sport or work, questioning gender or sexual identity, or just struggling to find your place in life, reading Fish Out Of Watercould help with all of life’s transitions.”

Dr Sascha Saharov | GP Mental Health