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Jade Lauren Edmistone, an Australian Swimmer, Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker, was born in Brisbane in 1982. At the age of 8, she joined her local swim club, where her natural affinity and love for the water developed.

As a late bloomer, it wasn't until the age of 16 that Jade started making headway in the sport, but after the tragic loss of a close friend and her resultant battle with depression, she quit at just 18 years of age.

Two years on in 2002, aged 20, Jade set her sights on becoming the fastest women in the world, and returned to the pool once again. With exceptional focus and drive, Jade's goal was achieved when she broke her first World Record in 2004, becoming the fastest woman ever over the 50m breaststroke. Jade continued her dominance over sprint breaststroke, breaking 5 World Records and winning 3 World Titles between 2004 and 2006, before retiring in 2009.

After a lengthy battle with serious mental health issues since retirement, Jade, a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, had to fight her way back to health as she navigated her difficult transition from elite sport to 'normality'. Sharing her story in a powerful book, Fish Out Of Water, Jade now continues her passionate involvement with sport as an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, passionate about helping the future generations by sharing her story.

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Jade has achieved many feats in life - both in and out of the pool. Quitting her sport at 18 years, following a battle with depression. Then making a remarkable comeback two years later to spend five years on the Australian Swim Team where she was crowned World Champion three times, and broke five World Records.

Following her successful career in the pool, Jade faced some difficult moments as she struggled to find her feet in her new life post-swimming. With motherhood, relationship changes and mental health issues at the forefront, Jade's brave openness in sharing her story brings to light what is a common fight for many humans as they grow, change and progress through life.

With a passion and desire to help others, Jade's experience with struggling to transition out of the sporting arena is shared through recounts in her book, Fish Out Of Water. However, it's through speaking with groups and at events where Jade delves deeper into what she sees as her biggest achievement in life - fighting mental illness to not just be 'alive', but to live!

Jade's story is inspirational, heartfelt and bravely honest in it's delivery. She believes in opening up and being vulnerable in order to help others know it is ok to not be ok.

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The ONCORE Academy is an initiative built on a solid foundation of passion, knowledge and lived experience. Founded by Jade, it is the culmination of a successful sporting career combined with over 10 years of coaching across all levels from grassroots through to high performance.

The ONCORE Academy is dedicated to the development of individuals, groups and organisations. It provides products, programs and education specialising in building and strengthening Fundamental Aquatic Skills.

The ONCORE Academy is committed to providing education through collaboration in order to enhance performance.

Its mission...

To build individuals that are not only stronger, more efficient, and faster, but are CONNECTED with the water.


Fish Out Of Water is the first book written by Jade Edmistone that delves into her personal experience as she transitioned from a life as an elite athlete into that of a 'normal' person. After a successful career in the pool which saw Jade claim three World Titles and break five World Records, she faced some difficult moments as she struggled to find her feet in her new life post-swimming. With motherhood, relationship changes and mental health issues at the forefront, Jade's brave openness brings to light what is a common fight for many athletes as they transition from an elite sporting life into that of a normal existence.

While Jade's story is compelling and heartfelt, it is boosted with contribution from twelve other former Australian female swimmers who have also opened up in talking about their experiences and struggles. Jade reflects the stories of the other girls in a way that truly highlights the importance of the issue at large and brings to light a greater awareness of transition and all that it carries.

This book was written with very honest and brave contributions by some of Australia's best female swimmers:

Linley Frame, Felicity Lemke (nee Galvez), Tarnee Southwell (nee White), Alice Tait (nee Mills), Sarah Ryan, Sarah Lynch (nee Katsoulis), Libby Trickett, Jade Neilsen, Samantha Riley, Petria Thomas, Jessica Schipper, and Elka Whalan (nee Graham).

Also with a generous contribution from Lana Ireland (MPsych, MAPS) who brings reflection not only from an elite athlete perspective but from a well respected sport psychologist in rounding out the final chapter.

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